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Pool Feature and Waterslides

Pool Features and Waterslides


The Cascades features are ideal for creating a space where young children can interact with water on their own while encouraging collaborative play by allowing many children to be on the same feature together. These feature are often placed in a shallow pool to create a high value play space for toddlers and young children.

Lazy River Features

We have several features that work very well at adding interest and excitement to a lazy river design. Cantilevered features add dumping and spraying water to the river. Colourful flowers can spin and spray the people floating by or a full rain curtain can be installed.

Spin & Splash Features

If you are looking to add something new to an existing pool the Spin & Splash Features are a great way to do it. These features have their own manual pump that supplies water to the feature so an existing water supply line isn’t required.

Poolplay Elevation Structures

Elevations play structures really kick up the fun a few notches! With multi-level construction for added play interest plus multiple water features and spray effects, they take the fun to the max! Vortex Elevations keep kids enthralled longer and deeply engaged in healthy, physical, social and interactive play. Elevations are equally at home on a zero-depth Splashpad or in a wading pool, opening up great retrofit or refurbishment possibilities for older water play environments.


Whether you are designing a full-fledged waterpark or the tiniest toddler spray play area, waterslides will always command attention and exert their magnetic pull on kids of all ages. That’s what makes them such amazing additions to any facility, indoors or out. They can be used alone or in combination with an Elevations unit or Splashpad to add a bit of a thrill or a massive adrenaline rush to a water play area. For use with swimming pools, drop slides provide an incredible final plunge to every ride, while runouts are a safe, high capacity alternative that make any pool-less aquatic play area slide-ready.


Watermark is an interactive centerpiece feature that creates patterns and work by manipulating the flow of water that rains down from overhead. The Watermark is fully programmable that visitors to interact with it, reinforce your brand or logo, or deliver messages and drive promotions.


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