Shade Structure and Shelters

Playground Shade Structures

Our shade structures are custom designed to suit any park or playground. Sun shades can be incorporated directly into a playground structure so kids can get out of the sun while they play. Stand-alone shade structures are also available for parks and playgrounds. We can help create shade in your park or playground where all guests (whether playing or monitoring) can escape the sun. 

We can help you select the style, colours, ornamentation, roof material, and any other special features. Shade structures can match existing architecture or be a stand-alone feature.  Shade options we offer include:

  • Custom steel structures
  • Playground roofs, canopies and toppers
  • Park shade sails 
Playground structure with shade incorporated. Installed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Outdoor Shelters

Outdoor shelters provide protection from inclement weather, and serve as community gathering spaces at parks and playgrounds. From picnic areas to outdoor classrooms, shelters are increasingly popular.  

Shelters can be designed to fit perfectly into any park aesthetic. Our prefabricated outdoor shelters are constructed from a variety of different materials:

  • metal
  • wood
  • glass
  • fabric

We will ensure you have an eye-pleasing shelter that gives people a place to sit enjoy a picnic and your new playground. 

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Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

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