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Inclusive Playground Equipment & Design

Designing Inclusive & Accessible Playgrounds

Planning an inclusive playground or spray park invites kids of all ages, abilities and skill levels to play together and have fun. This is accomplished through playground equipment and thoughtful design.

Our PlayQuest specialists plan inclusive playgrounds and spray parks by combining a variety of playground equipment that offers a wide range of play experiences. This creates a playground that features physical, social and sensory challenges that are exciting for children of different abilities. It is important in the planning phase to understand the needs of your community and the capabilities or restrictions of the site space. We will help you with this!

Inclusive playgrounds include accessible equipment and features like safe surfaces and wide paths and the right layout so that kids with mobility challenges can enjoy the space and interact with other kids. 

Inclusive playground that is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers.

Want to build an accessible and inclusive playground for your school, community or business? Learn more about our playground design process. We have specialists in Edmonton, Calgary, Manitoba or Ontario to support you throughout the project!

Mockup of an inclusive playground by Burke.

Inclusive Physical Play

Physical play includes spinning, sliding, rocking, swinging and climbing. To make physical play inclusive, playground equipment can include features such as wider slides so parents can accompany their child. Other types of inclusive equipment are swings with different seats, or bouncing and balancing equipment where kids can either sit or stand. There can also be accessible equipment that accommodates kids in wheelchairs with other children.

Inclusive Social Play

Social play is how kids play together. An inclusive playground includes different social interactions including kids playing together, kids watching other kids play, kids playing next to other kids doing similar activities, and solitary play. Children choose the environment that suits them, which then encourages kids of different abilities to play together.

Themed equipment, such as a pirate themed structure, encourages kids to imagine together and role play. Inclusive playground design also groups similar equipment together so that kids of different abilities can enjoy the same type of activity next to one another.

A group of kids playing together on playground equipment.

Inclusive Sensory Play

Sensory play is what kids touch, hear, see and their interactions with one another. To make sensory play inclusive, playground equipment features different textures and materials to touch, makes sounds as kids play with it, or includes games to track, trace and match visual items. 

These play spaces also feature different types of play, from active and loud to cosy and quiet so kids can choose the excitement level that’s comfortable for them.

Accessible playgrounds and spray parks

Inclusive playgrounds are accessible for all types of mobility – kids in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, or kids who have difficulty walking. Accessible playground design includes having safe surfaces such as rubber decks, wide sidewalks and spaces between equipment and flush transitions between different play areas. Contact us or request information if you have more questions about how to ensure your new playground is accessible.

Unsure whether an accessible playground and inclusive playground is right for your school or community? Learn more about accessibility vs inclusivity in playground design

Inclusive playground with rubber surfacing for accessibility.



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