Playground and Spray Park Design Process

Let’s create a playground! Let’s create a spray park!

At PlayQuest, we are all about building communities. And we know that playgrounds and spray parks can be the centerpiece of any community building project.

As a part of every PlayQuest Project, consulting and design is included as part of our service to you.

Many of our customers have never done this before. You might be on a parent council at school or a fundraising committee for your community and just thinking about it can look like a very tall climb up a very steep mountain. Financing, selecting and installing a playground can be challenging and oftentimes there are more questions than answers. Our team can handle the job with our years of experience assessing, designing and calculating the costs of playground projects.

PlayQuest can assist you with the process from design to installation and continued service afterwards. We are here to support you and help ensure you get your DREAM playground or spray park, on-time and on-budget.

How We Start Designing Your Playground

1. Assessment of Needs

Our PlayQuest team is trained to help you assess the needs for your spray park or playground and any site requirements. The assessment considers such factors as:

    • Your objectives for the new playground or spray park
    • Age and abilities of children
    • Capacity requirements
    • Amount of space (how large or small the park footprint will be)
    • On-site facilities, and other site requirements. There are a number of things to consider when building a splash pad in particular.
    • Your budget and any limitations

    After this assessment is completed, your PlayQuest specialist can take your playground planning to the next level.

Playground drawing with landscaping

2. Spray Park or Playground Drawings

This is when we start bringing your playground or splash park to life. 2D and 3D drawings will be provided to help you visualize your creation. This enables you to select playground or water features, play structures and activities that best suit your preferences.

Our design, project plan and quote will cover every aspect of your project from playground and splash pad equipment, safety surfacing options, site preparation, and other considerations such as sidewalks, site amenities and landscaping around the whole area. Our team works to create a design that works with your site and budget.

When we design and draw your playground, we consider even the smallest details: How does location affect the traffic patterns in the playground or splash park? How can we create a comfortable environment for the parents as well? Do our benches or picnic areas have sight lines to the play area for supervisors?

We only use CSA compliant equipment from the most reputable suppliers in the industry. This ensures your playground is built to last Canadian winters and keep looking new for an exceptionally long time.

3. The Cost of Your Playground Project

PlayQuest has worked hard to gain a reputation as Alberta’s best playground and spray park designer and builder. Our team knows the importance of a playground as a place for children to grow and communities to gather. We offer quality work and pride ourselves on creating safe spaces that your family and your community can feel good about.

All of our quotes are very specific to your site and project plans. There are many variables that affect how much it costs to build a playground: this can be anything from the equipment to other park amenities like benches, shade structures, or sitting areas for parents.

We will walk you through the details of your quote and review next steps.

4. Helping Build Consensus and Raise Funds

At PlayQuest, we understand the challenges you face in gaining the “buy-in” of parents, voters, trustees and other important stakeholders. Our team has years of experience selling to cities, park boards, schools, day care centers, religious institutions, and other organizations. This experience puts us in a unique position to truly help our clients raise funds for everything from playground equipment to covering installation costs.

Your PlayQuest specialist will provide you with the design plans and drawings needed to help with this process. We will also give recommendations on raising funds, help you navigate playground grant applications, prepare project presentations and meet key stakeholders.

Next Steps:

Building Your School Playground or Community Splash Pad

There is more to building the perfect playground than assembling equipment. There is the ground preparation, concrete work, utilities, and surface installation.

At PlayQuest we have the in-house team to handle all parts of the playground and spray park construction and installation. We’re the only company who can offer this!

To ensure playground safety, it is so important to hire professionals like PlayQuest to perform all the work and ensure that your site is properly prepared and installed in compliance with industry safety guidelines.

With PlayQuest as the sole contractor, you can deal with one contact – and spare you the hassle of coordinating several unrelated trades people. We can also guarantee the whole project, ensuring your playground is enjoyed for decades to come.

Protecting Your Investment With Maintenance and Servicing

We pride ourselves on creating perfect play areas for children to play freely on; this means ensuring product safety for years to come. If you have any questions or need additional service, we stick around long after your playground is in the ground and the kids have played on it.

You can rely on the entire PlayQuest team and our industry-leading warranties. Call us at 1-855-980-8118 or request a consultation. We would be happy to help you.

Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

Call us to get our team working for you.