Spray Parks

Spray Park Types

Splash Pad Water Management Systems

Flow Through Spray Park

Flow-through systems are easy to operate, low maintenance and eco-friendly solutions to manage water use for your spray park. These systems use potable water that usually comes directly from the city water supply. The water supply is connected to the Command Centre which controls when the spray park can operate and allows the water to be sprayed onto the play area. Water lands on the concrete deck and runs into the Playsafe drain. There it is then returned to the municipal wastewater system. These systems are good for smaller spray parks or where simple automated operation is required.

Recirculating Spray Park

Recirculating systems require more equipment and operator input but greatly reduce the water usage of a spray park as the water is being continuously filtered and reused. Recirculating spray parks have a large underground storage tank that is filled with water which is pumped to the treatment equipment. The equipment filters and disinfects the water which is then sprayed onto the play area. The water lands on the concrete deck, runs into the Playsafe Drain and back into the underground water containment system to be reused. This system is good for larger spray parks or in areas where water must be conserved. View our spray park FAQ’s for information on splash pad operating costs and water usage or book a consult with PlayQuest today!


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