Commercial Playground Equipment

Whether you need a new playground or are adding playground equipment to an existing community park, school or outdoor facility, contact us. At PlayQuest, our specialists can work with you from playground design and fundraising to the supply and installation of your outdoor playground. 

The manufacturers we work with have been chosen to ensure you get quality commercial-grade playground equipment that resists Canada’s harsh weather.

We have offices in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta, as well as Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario to serve you. Contact us to get started today!

Playground equipment with ship theme for a community park.
Inclusive playground with rubber surfacing for accessibility.

Inclusive Playground Equipment

Inclusive play is about making sure ALL kids have equal access to participate on the playground, regardless of ability, age, or skill level.  The key to an inclusive playground is equipment that offers a wide variety of play opportunities, and incorporating the right playground surface. Choose PlayQuest and achieve an inclusive playground for your school or community park.

Natural Playground Equipment

Natural playground equipment is a popular option for schools and parks. Elements like logs, rocks, stumps, critters, tree houses, or fossils are incorporated into the playground equipment and encourages kids to use their imaginations and appreciate nature. Kids love climbing rocks, for example, so boulder configurations can be created for kids to climb.

Fitness Playground Equipment

Fitness playground equipment challenges young bodies while providing all the fun expected of a traditional playground. There is a growing trend of incorporating outdoor fitness and adult playground equipment into community parks and playgrounds for residents of all ages to use and enjoy. We believe playgrounds help make communities stronger and healthier, and this is truer now than ever before. 

Freestanding Play and Climbing Rocks

Freestanding play equipment is incorporated into most playgrounds as it uses a smaller footprint, can fit into spaces other structures might not, and offers elements that kids love; from swinging, swaying, sliding, climbing, spinning, to teetering and tottering! This stand-alone equipment is a great alternative if you don’t have budget for a whole new playground but you’d like to add a few new pieces. You’ll never go wrong blending freestanding climbing equipment into your own unique playground design.

Commercial Playground Slides

Slides are a reliable and favourite piece of playground equipment at schools and parks. PlayQuest can find you a commercial-grade playground slide to fit your footprint and safety specs. Choose from straight, spiral or tube slides as well as freestanding slides versus being incorporated into a larger play structure.

Commercial slides side by side incorporated into large playground equipment structure.

Climbing Nets

Climbing nets are a fun way to get kids active on the playground and allow kids to test their strength, or just hang out. Net climbing structures can be combined with larger play systems or be used as stand-alone playground equipment.


Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

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