Rubber Surfacing

Rubber Surfacing Colours & Design Options

Rubber Surfacing Enhancements

One of the great things about TrueTop pour in place rubber surfacing is that colours and designs can be added to it. This allows us to turn the surfacing of your splash pad, pool deck or playground project into a special feature and adds to the play value of your project.

We can do this by adding colours to the rubber, creating inlays or using our special rubber paint to make logos or other shapes.

Use design and colours to enhance the theme or make the playground rubber surface part of the fun, like paths for tag or games like hopscotch. 

Red colour fleck added to rubber surfacing in a playground.
Colour fleck is used in a playground's rubber surface design to create a river effect.

Colour Fleck

One of the most cost effective solutions is to add a bit of colour to the black granular rubber to change its appearance to another colour. The colour that is distributed through the rubber tricks the eye into thinking the whole surface is coloured.

This same technique can be used to designate the surfacing into different areas, for different uses, or to create paths for playground games like tag or “grounders”. 

Custom Inlays

By choosing to use solid colours we can create inlays of graphic on the surfacing to create almost any picture or pattern.
They can be simple such as footprints, clouds, or colour splashes.

Inlay art can also be created using a variety of colours. These take our talented and creative staff extra time to make but some amazing art can be created.

These custom inlays are fun and can really enhance the spray park or playground theme.


A playground rubber surface with fun inlay graphic to enhance the space theme.

Painted Designs

Rubber paint is a great option for enhancing existing or new rubber and it best suited for logos, signs, games like foursquare or hopscotch, or other markings.

Rubber Surfacing Colours

Standard TrueTop Colours







Custom Colours


Dark Blue



Bright Green

Dark Purple



Rubber Surfacing Options

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