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If you are looking at adding a spray park, also known as a splash pad, to your community’s recreation area, consider PlayQuest in Canada. We are a full-service spray park company that designs, supplies and installs splash pads built to be enjoyed by children for generations! We carry commercial splash pad equipment that can withstand our Canadian winters. You won’t find any other company with the experience and depth of knowledge that we have and can share with you; from installation costs to typical maintenance, water usage or splash pad operating costs. 

We have offices in Alberta (Edmonton & Calgary), Saskatchewan and Ontario – to learn more, or to get started on design, contact us!

Building Your Spray Park

Selecting, designing and building a new splash pad is a complex task but we can help you. At PlayQuest, our team of experts will work with you from the early conception stages of your project to the installation and construction of your new splash pad, including the spray park rubber surfacing. For years after building your spray park, we continue to offer our support. Book a consult if your community wants to add a water activity to an existing recreational facility. 

Spray Park Design Experts

PlayQuest is the most experienced company when it comes to designing and building splash pads. We guide you through the process of designing the layout, selecting the water play equipment, working with your budget and integrating it into your existing area. 

Play is not only for fun, but is critical to children’s learning. PlayQuest’s splash pad designs provide a wide range of sensory experiences to encourage motor skills development, cross generational play, social development, collaboration and cognitive & physical development. 

Get inspired with themes for your Spray Park!

Nature Collection

The Nature Collection invites the user to discover creatures, plants and flowers inspired by the natural world around us. Using organic shapes and colors, the Nature Collection can transform a Splashpad® into a forest, a pond or a jungle in the minds of young adventurers.

Ocean Collection

The Ocean Collection has all of the elements to whet the young swashbuckler’s appetite for seafaring fun. Children of all ages can discover sea creatures big and small. Or they return to their ship to sail the seven seas. Beware of the pirates!

Urban Collection

The Urban Collection features modern architectural shapes inspired by city life. The sleek, clean lines integrate the collection with any surrounding environment, while contemporary color moods add a vibrant ‘pop’.

Vortex is our splash park manufacturer. As quality and design are highly valued at PlayQuest, we are happy to work with this world leader in aquatic play structures. 

Aquatic Play Areas Are Great for Any Community

A well-designed aquatic play area can have dramatic effects on the local surroundings and community. Many municipalities have reported a resurgence of activity around a splash pad or a refurbished pool. In fact, some have shared stories of previously troubled communities engaging around their water play amenity resulting in a healthier environment for everyone.



Municipalities like to introduce these solutions for a number of reasons. They are inclusive – accessible to young and old, and to people with all levels of ability or disability. And, they are designed with safety in mind, for example splash pads are zero-depth, so no risk of drowning and no added lifeguard costs.

Hotels, campsites and commercial properties

Hotels, campsites and commercial properties can benefit from spray parks by attracting families, keeping guests on site longer, encourage repeat visits, and give themselves a competitive advantage that pays for itself with a rapid return on investment.

Low Water Consumption Splash Park Solutions

If water consumption is a concern, there are many options. Whether its using water features that are low flow, or installing a water recycling system, PlayQuest can provide a world-class water conservation solution for your spray park. Learn more about the difference between flow through vs recirculating splash pads.


Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

Call us to get our team working for you. 

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