Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about building a playground? Here is a great place to get your basic questions answered.

Yes. We know where to find the federal, provincial and municipal grants you can apply for. There is money earmarked specifically for park development, which could take years off your community fundraising. We can even prepare the grant applications for you. Definitely speak to us before you start fundraising!

Yes! As part of our proposal, we will work with your group to select the right equipment for your needs, and design complete site plans.

The Playquest Design Process involves indepth consultation with our clients and involved committees. We use our experience to design a fun park that is unique to the either and is built for the age of the children in the community.

Once we do a Site Assessment, we’ll analyze all of the details related to your playground including space, budget, site requirements etc.

We recommend constructing your playground in major phases, if not all at once.

From our initial call, we try to give our clients a ‘ballpark’ estimate so that they can plan accordingly. That being said, finalized pricing can only be made as a part of the whole proposal package.

We approach design from a physical activity perspective, including a variety of equipment that will inspire as many different kinds of climbing, swinging, sliding as is possible in the scale of the project. Variety keeps children exploring, being active, and making your new playground a preferred destination.

Aside from the obvious factor of ‘fun’, a huge factor to consider is longevity. Will the playground equipment and components last through prairie winters for 30 years? Will it still retain its bright colour and look new years after it was installed? Will components resist vandalism, and thousands of hours of use?

A playground is a major gathering place for the community and should be expected to be used by generations of children for 30+ years. Not all equipment does well in the harsh Canadian climate, so look for equipment that has been proven for cold weather.

Yes. We work with you on planning and design, ground preparation, installing the playground and spray park equipment, and surfacing installation. Because it’s PlayQuest staff doing the installation, you can be assured everything will be properly assembled and all guaranteed by PlayQuest.

Yes. Equipment does need occasional maintenance to keep it fun, friendly and safe for children.

Our equipment is built to withstand even the harshest Canadian winter: we expect our equipment to last for at least 20 years.  Many of our competitors cannot say the same.

Contact us if you are just starting your project. We provide grant writing services, educational presentations, preliminary designs, project budget estimates and site evaluations that will make the planning and fundraising process much easier.

Call us to get our team working for you. 


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